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Dr Coughlin's Videos

ISTDP Demonstration and Reconstruction

with Patricia Coughlin, PhD

Introduction to Standard
ISTDP Technique

with Patricia Coughlin, PhD and Kathleen Thunberg, LICSW

Patricia Coughlin

Interview by
Laboratorium Psychoedukacji, August 2017

Patricia Coughlin Interviewed
by Alexandre Vaz

Interview on Psychotherapy Expert Talks, Published July 29, 2017

Intro to ISTDP Techniqe

Dr Patricia Coughlin on Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Interview on Shrink Rap Radio, Published Dec. 5, 2016

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, Part 4

ISTDP Institute

Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy, Part 5

ISTDP Institute

The Case for Specific Factors in Psychotherapy Outcome

UNM Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

*The message that says the video will not play is incorrect; the video plays when you click on it.

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